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If you like fast cars and are looking to enhance the power and efficiency of your vehicle, then Shaus Motorsport is the shop to assist you. Our team of qualified mechanics has the experience you are looking for in an auto shop.

Knowledge Is Power

You may have heard the terms supercharged and turbocharged used synonymously, but the team at Shaus Motorsport knows that there are obvious differences. We'll take the time to explain the pros and cons of each to match you with the perfect forced induction device.

Turbochargers are more efficient and do not require additional engine power to work. Therefore, you save your engine from working harder to get that enhanced power. Our team is experienced and knowledgeable regarding the different types of turbocharger setups available. We will educate you on these options and will work to make sure that your installation is completed to your satisfaction and done in a timely manner.

Call Shaus Motorsport today to schedule your appointment. We are eager to assist you.